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Bird of Yoga's  Teacher Team

Yoga / Body Weight Training


Studio / At Home

Private / Small Group


Jaszmine Wang (Jaszmine)



Yoga Course : 

  •  RYT 200hrs with All Yoga Teacher Training 2016

Workshop & Others : 

  • Acro-yoga Workshop

  • Crossfit Weightlifting

  • Workshop with Yoga Elements

Education : 

  •  BBA in IBM (International Business Management)


Experience :

  • AcroYoga Benjasiri

  • Assist Acro Yoga Workshop

  • Bangkok Movement Collective Workshop

  • Union Space Co-working Space

  • Private Yoga Classes


​Specialists : 

  • Yoga Mobility for Athletes

  • Yoga Strength & Movement

  • Yoga Mind & Body

  • Acro-Yoga ( Partner Yoga / Couple Yoga )


I started pursuing this path when I was 28. I wished I had learn this journey way earlier but I believe nothing was ever too late to begin. As I learned the benefits it gave, not only to my body but my mind grew stronger the more I explore and learnt. It's one exercise you can keep finding challenges to build for your own benefits in the long run. Whenever I feel lost in my mind & soul, every time stepping on the mat finishing my practice, brings me back to myself, the more I continue this mindful practice and the more I feel I am align my body with my soul. This journey brings much joy in meeting new people, often learning from new teachers that inspires me to pursue to inspire others. With practice and training your mind connects with your body, you’ll become more in tune with yourself, more sensitive to your body movement.

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