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Step : 1

On the HOME at, you will see the "Book Now" button at the top. Click here to go to book the classes.


Step : 2

The Class schedule will be shown the date weekly. Choose the date and it will show the available classes for that day. 

Next, there will be shown the updated class schedule for the month.


Step : 3

The class schedule will be shown class details :

- Time

- Duration

- Class name

- Teacher

- Available spots


Step : 4

Choose which class you would attend and "Book Now"


Step : 5

If you're not a member, please fill in your information for booking.


For a member, you can log in to your account and booking. 


Step : 6

For non-member, After fill in. You have two options : 

- Pay for Drop-In

- Buy a package

Then press "Pay Now"


Step : 7


This page will be shown confirmation after you made the book completed.

how to canael.jpg

HOW TO Cancel

Step : 1


For members, Log in to your account. Go to "My bookings" on your profile section


Fon Non-Member, If you book by Drop-In. Please contact us at Line Official: @birdofyoga


Step : 2


On the left side menu, click on "My bookings", There will be shown the upcoming classes that you are booked for.


Step : 3


Choose the class that you need to cancel. Click on > "Reschedule"


Step : 4


Click on "Cancel"

Learn more : Book/Cancel Policy


1. Cancellation Policy: 

- Cancellation - Morning class (08.30 am./ 09.00 am.)
the cancellation must be done 12 hours prior to beginning of class. Cancellation before 08.30 pm is free of credit charge.

- Evening class (06.00 pm. / 07.30 pm.)
the cancellation must be done 6 hours prior to the class . Cancellation before 01.00 pm is free of credit charge .
Ex: If your cancellation made before 8:30 pm for next morning classes and before 13:00 for same day evening classes ,The credits you used to book the reservation will be returned to your membership account.

- No show will be charged as a late cancellation.

2. Late Cancellation

- Cancellation that takes place less than 12 hours (next Morning Class) and less than 6 hours (same day Evening class) - Late cancellation fee :
2.1 Credits/Coupon Membership : 0.5 of your credit will be duduct from the membership.
2.2 Unlimited Membership : 0.5 day pass of your valid date will be duduct from the membership.

3. No Show - If you miss a reservation without canceling, the credits used to book will be deduct for 1 credit/Coupon/day pass from your membership.

4. Credit / Coupon / Day pass - In case you still have the 0.5 credit/Coupon/day pass of membership. If you would like to claim, You can pay 250 THB to get 0.5 credit/Coupon/day pass to make the reservation.

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