VAKEN Mini Resistance Bands (Set of 3)

     Everything you need for highly beneficial workouts.
Build upper body, legs, abdominal muscles and much more.
This affordable, highly portable set could be the only workout equipment you ever need.

      Mini Resistance Bands can increase resistance in exercise without needing to gain weight Flexible and for rehabilitation. This set of elastic has different resistance and thickness (light, medium, Heavy).
It’s can be used to manage all parts of the body, especially the lower body (or hips) or adjust according to the following thickness.

  • Light: suitable for Upper Body (arms / shoulders)
  • Medium: suitable for moderate upper body or lower body (hips / thighs / upper arms) at the beginning level
  • Heavy: Suitable for heavy upper body or lower body (hips / thighs / legs) Moderate – heavy


Size / Set

  • Light       :  Thickness 0.4 mm  |  Tear Strength   4-11 lbs / 2-5 kgs
  • Medium  :  Thickness 0.6 mm  |  Tear Strength 11-15 lbs / 5-7 kgs
  • Heavy      :  Thickness 0.8 mm  |  Tear Strength 15-20 lbs / 7-9 kgs



       Made of premium Latex for better control, uniform stretch, reliability, and long-lasting durability. Perfect for warm-up and activation drills, rehabilitation, for home and gym.

Easy to care for

  • Wipe clean with damp cloth and Air Dry.
  • Do not exposed to sunlight 
  • Do not use detergent for cleaning.
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