Vaken : Therapy Strap : Plum Red

(Size : M)

     With compact 2-loop design. This is the ultimate workout strap for Physical Therapy Yoga, Pilates, Dance and much more. Gives you all the benefits of stretching without extra straps to get in the way. No buckles or hardware to hurt you or scratch floor. You will love the simplicity and ease of use.

     Vaken Therapy Strap helps deepen poses while perfecting alignment. Helps build strength and expand flexibility. Works equally well for both women and men. Choose your favorite size and color to match you needs, size, and personal preferences.


Durable, Rugged Material

     Made of premium polyester and elastane for just the right amount of stretch. This goes this distance for years of benefits.


Choose Your Custom Size
We offer S, M, L for just the right fit for every application.
Size S = 13"
Size M =15"
Size L = 17"

Easy to Care For
Hand wash and air dry. Do not wring or twist. Made of unique hybrid material that is very durable while giving impressive performance. Compact and easy to take in your bag.

Washing Instructions: 

Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry flat.


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